The Birth of Nacio Fuego ironically is simultaneous with the birth of Dj Ignite.

To have the birth of Fire one must Ignite it correct?

Nacio Fuego aka Dj Ignite

 hasbeen doing just that since he entered the realms of this hip hop creation journey. From the self made melodic rythms and baselines to the beats and breaks down to the dirty wax scratches the dedication to hip hop'ism exist here vividly. Following his debut album El Nacimiento digitally as Nacio Fuego brings that energetic futuristic vibe and flow to the frontlines. Covering everything political to social and economics Nacio Fuego brings some of that long needed flame and wisdom to the speakers. His 2 latest visual releases La Loka Vida and Mas Duro are ear candy jewels when you find them on his channel. Enjoy and share the message and vibes along. Peace luv and music.

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